The Inhabitants Of The Land

by House of Leaves

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We would like to thank the talented Jay Rochet for his patience, guidance and exigent demand for us to give more than our best as musicians, as individuals, and as a band.


released April 8, 2016

All music & lyrics by House of Leaves
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rochet Productions (
Artwork by Laureano de Jesus (
Typographic logo by Derick Joel (

Jonatan Piñeyro - vocals, guitars
Johan Rivera - guitars, backup vocals
Joshua Del Valle - drums
Laureano De Jesus - bass
José Alberto Piñeyro - unclean vocals



all rights reserved


House of Leaves San Juan, Puerto Rico

House of Leaves was a 5-piece post-hardcore band from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Track Name: Jogan Gohan Johan
Dreamed all I could
Your words took me far
I just want to make it to where it doesn't end
Have not panicked
its just I noticed the edge
Did it catch your attention
Its possible you missed it

There aren't enough places I could be
Excuses ever present
To keep us in check
Maybe there are too many
Ways to hinder my progression
Your hand by my side
While the other holds a knife
Ready to strike
Be quick to decide
Doors keeps closing uncontended

You started to push me away
And honestly I'm done pushing back
I'm done with your fake conscience
Your ego's too high to climb

So step out of the cage
We built a key some time ago
A ruined image isn't worth the risk
Kept it too close to surface
So step out of the cage
We built a key some time ago
Hiding provoked a jailbreak
Don't say you lost it

Summer's coming a bit too fast
The waves
The destination
Roads not trekked
Feeling impatient
The skies forecast our postulation

My speeches are so sharp
they're practically daggers
I'll use them to slit your throat
And usurp your throne
Remember you told me to wait
but lady this ship is leaving
I have history yet unwritten

I have hung like a doll from a crane
Falling over and under again
This prize still unclaimed
Riches won't grant an easy win

I have hung like a doll from a crane
Falling over and under again
Riches won't grant an easy win
This is a test of perseverance

My speeches are so sharp
they're practically daggers
I'll use them to slit your throat
And usurp your throne
Remember you told me to wait
but lady this ship is leaving
I have history yet unwritten

A future within grasp
Are my words reaching?
The chance to link hearts
But will you really mean it?
We've established the difficulty
We've established the challenge
I'll back away from the precipice
And find the right trail
Track Name: Made In China
Shaken and out of mind
Tired of the run
Why did your actions outspeed mine
Did I try to hide
How many times did the exit sign shine

Taken and used
Like a helpless rhyme I was abused
How did I ever trust in your lies
I couldn't see past those eyes
Tortured while blind

(Baby, baby) It's too late you've hit the floor
(Mayday, mayday) This bomb's about to explode
And I won't be around to take the blow
Look around guess who's a whore

Overseas fabrication
Mass produced ambitions
Pain being sold as a cure
Suppress all that can't be quantified
You believed I'd be okay with being your toy
That's a maybe that you'll never know
We can't hide inside memories
Create the illusion of being controlled

These mirrors betrayed
Your naked body
Behind your reflection
I saw myself torn

Where should I go
These moments we had so far gone
No, I will not mourn

Here's to hoping I'll last through the day
The mess, your shame is there no end
A lifeless body screams
I want to live

Once upon a time
Aesthetic dominated
The world but
Have we really changed
It's all fake
Please provoke my senses
Enlighten this empty shell
Please provoke my senses
Enlighten me

Step by step I
Restore my
Distorted mind
Oh step by step I
Take back my
My life

The steps we take
The picture blurs
This is not my fault
But I'm trying to solve
Track Name: Set It To "W" For Wumbo
Having grown so accustomed to chatter
Once silence struck
I knew not what to say
Please don't get closer
I'm allergic to the exposure
But I want you here
Haven't made up my mind
About this feeling; I'm uneasy
I dream of a crash
I see the shrapnel fly
But haven't found the cause

The images are so loud, they're haunting

Can I ask myself am I awake
And what are my symptoms
I hear the fan blade spinning
Blowing my thoughts away
With no clouds left in sight
Where is this rain coming from

A storm brewing inside
Imperfections take shape
Who let them out?
Admitting I'm better without?
I was trapped freedom came with a cost
Hunt to ascend to a level beyond
Beyond your flask

I was never normal to start
Streets are lined with what used to be
The inhabitants of the land
Whose lives sacrificed
and left behind
Voices that won't give up

A life in confinement
Was the cause for such misbehavior
Extraterrestrial. Shut up and listen
My words are meant to trick you
No one wind me down
I don't need praise
The mirror's fine

Setting out to destroy
The inferior abundance of shallow hearts
How do I measure my greatness
With no one alive to compare?
Making history has been
An unwanted addition to my list of deeds
Admire the statues erected of me
Track Name: Tetanejo
I decided to sit down and write our story
Before the fall is done
Replay the years forever lost
The ink on this page
Will stay to say
How we threw out opportunity
Rip the script in two

You've lost the right to talk to me
I just can't put up with your whining
It's too much to force down
Too much to hold on to
I'll play my own part this time

You've lost the right
Don't cry to me
I'm out of the fight I swear I'm out
I'm done with this war you've been fighting

You've lost the right
Don't cry to me
I'm out of the fight
I've left you behind
Don't talk to me
I'll play my own part
Device a new plan without you in mind

The pen curves and slides on the page
Who'll dare to read
Before memories lose weight
Replay the years forever lost
The ink of this page
Will stay to say
How I learned and moved on

Your way of life
Left me at war with myself
Everyday from my insides I heard cries

You went out of your way to fail
Look at you now
Trying to be heard
Among so many desperate poet's souls
A voice so unsure of where it wants to go
Did this satisfy you?

Have you an answer?

I stood on the edge
Eleventh floor
I swear you're not worth it

I'll find an excuse
To delay the jump
Or jump of my own design

I'll find an excuse to delay the jump
Jump for better reasons
Track Name: Romantiqueo
You and me girl, let’s just be
Nothing else matters in the whole world to me
You are my zombie apocalypse bride to be
You are my partner in crime, side with me
You make me feel high aviator fly with me
We’re going up into orbit galaxies
If you see a shooting star will you fire with me
And if I hit the ocean floor will you dive with me
'Cause in a split second baby I would die for you
If you feel sad baby I'll revive for you
If you’re scared I will be your superman for you
And if you’re mad I will split the whole world in two

Baby, do you feel me calling out?
Pay no mind when jealous voices arise
Scream right back that in the end you’ll be mine
'Cause I’ve been shutting out these voices

That always bring me doubt, they only bring me down
Saw you hand in hand with the wrong man
Saw you holding his hand

Am I not what you were looking for? Behind this door
Lies more than you’ve ever called yours
So don’t hesitate, let’s be honest

It’s just a matter of time before girl you’ll be begging for mine
I didn’t want to have to call you a whore
But you can’t break this cycle on your own

Given a chance
Commit with all the strength I have
Give me a chance
I’ll show you who I am

Stay with me girl
It was so hard just to find you
See you made me believe that happiness is
Where you and I live

The road lies ahead (Don’t be afraid)
Waiting for us to take a step (Don’t be afraid)

Forget the hands that touched your body
Don’t you worry, I’m not asking
Forget the hands that touched your body
I’m not asking, don’t you worry

Just embrace me
We’ll manage along the way

Tomorrow’s not soon enough
I spend the night pacing in my head
For the call to ring the sound of our beginning
Track Name: Sequence Of Events
What do I know of pain?
Should I know suffering?
Having everything taken away from me
Now it so happens
I can't move
A question pierces me
Will this be my deathbed?

The darkest places in my head
Replay the sequence of events
Leading up to this hospital bed
My will struggled to survive
On the chance I'd see you again

I was trapped
My body broken
Restrained on this bed
As the waves of shame hit
Its too late to regret
Can I try and forget

Would you forgive me?
No one seems to give me a chance
I didn't mean to abandon
Your hand slipped from my grasp

I still remember
Calling out your name
Waving at the distance
As we go our separate ways

Days continued to escape me
Numb from all the medicine
Aching pain the alternative
I almost lost hope

Diving into memories
Was the only escape
I tried to block out the accident
That took my son away

Where is the brighter day?
Is it too far to see?
Does it even exist?
Can I get up to face the pain
of your name on a grave

What do I know of pain?
Should I know suffering?
Having everything taken away from me
Now it so happens
I can move
By will, by force and grind
I'll stand at the cemetery
Track Name: Hail Santa
When did I acquire such a reckless state of mind
Feeling on top of everything and everyone
Even if some say I'm not
I am closer than most
Up here its so cold
But I've never felt alone

This lifestyles not meant for all
I walk to path alone

I've got nothing to show
There's no secret path
The route I walked was hidden by these hands
By my hands
No soul can follow without a determined mind

Is there no one willing to reach these heights?
Those of you feeling shipwrecked
The sea won't swallow your pride
Put your hope into action
Continue to move on

At one point my life was stranded
Going in circles
Crashing face first against the walls
Not fast enough I looked to the sky
And then I learned to climb

Please give back my pants

A faint drum roll echoed in the corner of my head
Just when the fog began to lift
Doubt was pulling me down
Victory almost cast away
Then against my common sense
I took a step towards the edge